Spawn Series 12: Gruesome Twosome review

As we reviewed Top Gun and Bottom Line, you may have noticed that both their bios referred to them as part of the Gruesome Twosome. That isn't just some nickname, it's a clue to their special feature, as is the fact that they have "Top" and "Bottom" in their names: they combine into one fantastic super boob robot!

It's not a complex thing - you just remove Bottom Line's head, extend Top Gun's legs, and plug the two 'bots together. That lack of complexity does hurt the final product, though: "Gruesome Twosome" never stops looking like two robots jammed together. I mean, Interlink 6 may have been tough as balls to combine, but by the end, the robos didn't look like they used to; this is still clearly the same thing(s) as before.

Besides explaining why Top Gun didn't have elbows, the extending arms only add about 2" to the height, which isn't quite enough to get his pointy butt up on Bottom Line's shoulders. To facilitate that, you have to hunch BL over slightly, and to match the angle, you've got to move TG's arms forward - something that requires taking off his chest armor. But hey, that's why the wrists have hinges, so the hands can still be flat on the ground. The basic armature for the figure(s) was laid out by Cornboy, and then someone else sculpted all the details on top of that. Befitting the atmosphere of a mid-90s McFarlane, the figures originally had much less innocuous names: nothing that would ever make it to store shelves, but definitely centered around the fact that one robot was inserting his head into the other's butt.

It's easier to see in this mode, but Top Gun has a fanged skull on his waist. That, coupled with the red, black and gray colorscheme, makes us wonder: is Gruesome Twosome a Spawn? Remember, Al Simmons is just one member of Malebolgia's army; there are lots of others who also accepted the powers and came back to life. Are these alien robots part of those ranks? Considering that literally every word that's ever been written about them is in italics at the start of our two reviews, you're free to decide for yourself.

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