Lego Batman Minifigures: Red Hood review

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With his face hidden beneath a featureless dome-shaped helmet, the Red Hood is one mysterious super-villain. His cape, suit and bow tie make him cut quite the dashing figure, but unfortunately he uses all of his fashionable panache for evil. Rumors suggest that the Red Hood may have a secret connection to Batman or one of his arch-villains, but nobody seems to know for sure!

Unsurprisingly, the profile does not explicity state that this character is Jason Todd after being tortured and abused by the Joker, then murdered in an explosion and resurrected from the dead. Why so squeamish, Lego? This mini actually manages to reference both Joker and Jason, by giving us first the big red dome, but also a smaller red mask on the head inside it. The tuxedo he wears is printed nicely, with a purple vest, bowtie, and gloves adding some color. If you opt to give him the large collar piece, there's a black tie printed on the front of that. He's armed with a pair of cute pistols, because why wouldn't he have his trademark guns?

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