Arkham Knight Mystery Minis - Poison Ivy review

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Batman: Arkham Knight takes place a year or two after the events of the original Arkham Asylum game, but Poison Ivy is still wearing the same thing she wore in the first game: a shirt and planties. Considering the original outfit was just her modification of an Arkham inmate uniform, why is she still wearing that? Are there no other shirts in Gotham City? Is it really that comfortable? Her best bud Harley changed outfits in every game, but Ivy's still dressed the same? That seems like an oversight.

All the Arkham Knight Mystery Minis were available in a 1:12 ratio (unlike some others that said they were 1:12, but were just lying to us), and they had a set layout, so you could grab the middle box in the left column in the top level and be sure you were getting Ivy. She's posed with a contrapposto stance, and has her hands on her hips. The vines running on her skin are sculted, though not painted, but because she walks around barefoot, she's molded with four tiny toes on the end of each leg-stump. If this is really meant to be a Knight toy, however, the hair is wrong: in that game, she wore her hair up, with flowers in it - hanging down like this is how it looked in the first two games. The blue on her shirt also comes from Arkham Asylum, too.

Poison Ivy's character arc in the Arkham games nicely mirrors her arc in the comics, from villain to hero: first she's locked up, then she just wants to be left alone, and finally she helps save the day. Considering how much comic fans (and gamers) hate anything that isn't just the status quo, letting the plant lady display growth is a bold move.

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  1. Jay says:

    (I hope I've timed this right!)

    • yo go re says:

      Heh, nice.

      Fun fact: in the part when he says "I've got the bass, beats and the rhymes," I originally thought he was saying "I've got the baked beans and the rice"...

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