Lego Batman Minifigures: Mime review

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The Mime was originally Camilla Ortin, the wealthy and spoiled daughter of a celebrated fireworks maker. Hating the loud noises of her childhood, she devoted herself to silence - and super-villainy. As The Mime, she uses her martial arts skills and 10,000-volt electrified gloves to commit performance-art crimes against anything loud, all while never speaking a word!

If misophonia was a person! Introduced in Batman #412, Mime seems to have been created simply for the potential joke of her being arrested and informed that she "has the right to remain silent." She dresses like she's going to an exercise class, and the Lego copies it as accurately as possible. Since the body of the suit is black, they use purple to create her waist. The stripes on the arms and legs are clean, and even through her white makeup she looks unhappy. Her "blue" mohawk was just the way coloring worked in 1987, but the Lego movie seems to have taken it as gospel. Her lightning bolts are two-tone, cyan and indigo.

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