Safari Ltd. Bernie addendum

Scientific Name:
Alligator mississippiensis berneii

With his friendly features, Bernie is a bit more stylized than our usual ultra accurate offerings. His edges aren't quite as rough as those of most alligators, reflecting his soft and warm nature.

Size and Color:
Bernie is 5½ inches long and 1½ inches tall to the tip of his snout. He's green above and cream colored below, with a dark green pattern on his scutes.

Bernie's story begins in Elberfeld, Germany in 1921. As he was destined for greatness, he was able to choose his destiny and decided to become a member of the Alligatoridae family due to his father's love of a great tennis player nicknamed "the crocodile."

His travels took him to the United States, and he eventually settled in South Florida, the "Home of the Alligator." He met his wife Rosemarie in the 1940s, and together they devoted their life to education and conservation. In 1982 they founded Safari Ltd. to further this devotion, creating Toys That Teach to help others learn about the wonderful natural world around them. Click here to learn more about Bernie's story.

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