Minimate Mini-Review #355 - Beetlejuice & Adam Maitland

#355 - Beetlejuice/Adam Maitland

Beetlejuice is a bio-exorcist, hiring himself out to the recently deceased as a means of driving the living out of their former places of residence.

Beetlejuice looks quite good in Minimate form: his makeup lends itself well to the stylization required by the line, and since he wears a suit, the only new piece needed is his hair. The stripes on his clothes are tampographed crisply, and his skin is a slightly darker shade than the white of his coat. They even painted his neck! The black stripes don't continue over the shoulders, but that would be an easy customization to do.

The figure also includes some extra pieces to create his look from the end of the movie: new hammer hands, and his carousel hat! The hat has the little wings sticking out of the ears and the bat on top, plus little colored bumps representing all the crazy creatures hanging off it. They painted yellow stripes to represent the lights on the hat, but the coloring on the vertical part appears to be backwards: if you look at the scene, there's a white stripe right in the center between his eyes, not black. Oh well. Who would ever be obsessive enough to notice that, anyway? The hammers plug into his wrists, because "rolled up" arms would have been too hard to do well. The stripes on them are thinner than the ones on his arms, so there's a clear separation between the two.

After meeting Beetlejuice, Adam and Barbara Maitland decide to scare away the Deetz family on their own, distorting their features to a monstrous degree.

That's right, we now have an Alec Baldwin Minimate! The likeness is good, in a "generically handsome man" kind of way, with piercing blue eyes and strong cheeks. The paint on the figure is even better than the Mystery Mini, with a more intricate plaid and a flash of red T-shirt beneath. His belt looks like it missed a paint app, but it didn't: that's actually the way it looked in the film - the brown was only in the center, while the rest matched his khakis.

In addition to putting Beetlejuice's head on Adam's body (that's a thing that happened in the movie, right?), you can also turn Adam into his "haunted" form, thanks to the inclusion of a new head and hands with eyes molded on them. It's interesting that they went with actual fingers for the hand sticking out of the new head's scalp, rather than a typical Minimate hand - maybe the sculptors tried that, but couldn't find a way to make it work? When in doubt, opt for clarity!

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  1. Tom G. Wolf says:

    Is it a hand sticking out of his "haunted" head? I always assumed it was more like a rooster's comb.

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