Horror Classics Mystery Minis - Beetlejuice reviews

He attended Juliard, graduated Harvard Business, travels quite extensively, lived through the Black Plague and has seen The Exorcist about 167 times (it just keeps getting funnier). He's Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Be...

...fore Tim Burton got involved, the script that eventually became Beetlejuice was much more straightforward horror, with Beej as a creepy winged demon who wanted to kill the Deetz family, rather than just drive them out of the house. So in other words, it could have been just as forgettable as... what's that recent horror movie with the demon that looks like a bargain basement Darth Maul? Whatever, that one. Instead, Beetlejuice is a classic!

This figure, from Horror Classics Mystery Minis Series 2, depicts the ghost with the most in his iconic black-and-white striped suit, because what is a Tim Burton movie without chunky stripes? He's in his "it's showtime!" pose, with his arms spread wide and his palms facing up. He has a ring sculpted on his left index finger, and his hair is done in thick blocks, pointing about randomly to suggest the wispy way it looked in the movie.

Beetlejuice stands just over 3" tall, thanks to the hair, and is painted very nicely. Not only are all his sties crisp and straight, he's got plenty of splotches on his gray skin (evidence of living through the black plague, maybe?), and his eyes are outlined in purple. His mouth is even open in a big grin! This figure was available in a 1/12 ratio, meaning he was in every case, but it's frankly a bit surprising that he didn't get a variant: really, they could have just painted him red and called it his tuxedo, right? Maybe molding a new torso for that would have been too expensive.

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  1. Wolf says:

    No worries -- happy to help mate!

  2. Mystery Minis Adam Maitland gives us our second ALEC Baldwin toy!

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