The homagiest cover to ever homage

IDW has just begun publishing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends, a series that reprints the 1996 Image Comuics TMNT series in color.

Planet Awesome has an exclusive variant cover for the first issue, and it is a multi-layered stew of references:

The entire thing is, at a glance, a re-creation of the iconic first issue cover. And most comics would have stopped there, but not this one: each of the boys' poses are their own references to other familiar covers.

Michelangelo is doing the Amazing Spider-Man #300 jump:

Donatello is gesturing like Spawn #1:

Bridging the gap between his two brothers, Raphael has that Spider-Man #1/Spawn #8 crouch:

And Leonardo is turning around like Rick Grimes on the cover of Walking Dead #1:

That's a lot more entertaining than just another homage cover.

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