Transformers Elita-1 addendum

The gimmick of this year's "Power of the Primes" theme is that the Transformers can join up with various "Prime Masters" to gain new powers. When you buy a Deluxe, Voyager, or Leader Class figure, it includes a card revealing the powers granted by one combination. Just one. Out of 12. So here's a list of all the powers Elita-1 can gain:

Alchemist Prime
Develops a spark-stopping compound that fakes a bot's deactivation.
Amalgamous Prime
Has the power to spark-shift and mask her true identity.
Alpha Trion
Reconstructs fallen bots to forge epic warriors.
The Fallen
Instantly eliminates anyone suspected of untruths.
Liege Maximo
Seeds intricate misdirections to disguise Autobot missions.
Micronus Prime
Power-links to share her ability to stop time.
Nexus Prime
Strips Decepticon combiners of their ability to combine.
Onyx Prime
Has a telepathic connection with Optimus Prime.
Powers up to battle the hordes of Unicron.
Quintus Prime
Seeds other Valkyrie warriors across the galaxy.
Solus Prime
Forges epic weapons to bring down Decepticon combiners.
Vector Prime
Freezes and accelerates time without draining her energy.
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