Zombie Lab - chapter 1

It has been three years since the zombie virus broke out globally. Cities are now in shatters, streets filled with only the cries of zombies and smell of rotten meat. To evade zombie attacks, survivors built a number of safe quarantine areas on high ground or underground. One of the low ground quarantine areas is located at the center of Hong Kong Island, with tall walls on four sides.

Hong Kong Island used to be an international center surrounded by the sea. After the outbreak of global zombie virus, all land-connecting bridges were cut off, and high-rise walls were built to protect the core areas. It was the least affected area. The World Health Organization set up one of its research centers here, gathering doctors and experts around the world to develop vaccines and carry out scientific research.

The research center is called Lab 51 District, but to the average person, this is known as ZOMBIE LAB.

Chapter 1

Zombie Lab is built 15 floors deep into the underground, all sealed with one and only entrance. All intelligence, research and experiments can only be carried out in this lab. The lab was run with maximum security. Within 1 km radius of the lab's perimeters is designated as restricted area.

On 15/F of Zombie Lab is where all specimens are stored and observed. The scientists make pseudo-zombies by injecting artificial zombie virus into patients who have just died. General zombification happens in about one hour, while artificial zombification takes up to 24 hours. In other words, scientists have 24 hours to experiment with different vaccines, looking for the right cure. There are currently 36 specimens in the lab. If the specimens don't react to the vaccine, the eventual zombie has to be killed. Specimen 459 is definitely in the spotlight. Two hours after injecting serum Z34, Specimen 459 showed a decrease in activity level of the zombie virus, and even started displaying human reflexes. Dr. Banner and his team watched 459 across the glazing, measuring the number of reflexes.

After more than two years of research, the team finally saw light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Banner's team continued to cautiously observe 459 for the following 8 hours. Banner left the lab with serum Z34 and a viral agent, heading off to his office on 10/F to continue his research. He felt jaded as he walked along the long corridor, reminiscing all the failures the team had gone through. The ultimate goal was to develop a vaccine that could suppress the virus before it made a human being a zombie. When number of zombies goes down, this means that the human race has triumphed.

"Doctor! Run!" Dr. Banner's intercom suddenly shouted. Emergency lights flashed, indicating a code red in Lab 51 District.

"Dr. Banner, please come to the control room immediately." The supervisor's voice came out of the intercom. Banner knew at once there was an incident, so he dashed to the control room on 11/F. He opened the door to find his staff wailing, "the laboratory on 15/F has turned into a dead man's land..." Banner looked at the CCTV footage to witness all his researchers being attacked by the specimens. He was speechless seeing all this. Banner eventually pulled himself together and asked, "What has happened?"

"459 went berserk on the apparatus and then lost consciousness. When the researchers thought he died like other failed specimens and opened the observation room, 459 suddenly woke up and attacked the researcher."

"And then?"

"459 ran to other observation rooms and freed other specimens. The whole lab went into chaos in less than 5 minutes."

"So all the researchers..."

"I'm so sorry, Doctor."

"The specimens are now trying to open the gate to other floors."

"We don't have time to discuss. We need to evacuate. There are now over a dozen dead zombies in Lab 51 District. We need help."

The staff in the control room had no choice but to escape with Dr. Banner. At the same time, the zombies have also started raiding multiple floors. Anyone the zombies came across were made into new zombies, and the entire lab went into a state of madness.

To be continued...

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