"Avengers 2" Movie Series: Bruce Banner exclusive review

In conjunction with Avengers 2: Char's Counterattack, Amazon had an exclusive four-pack featuring characters otherwise not available in the movie's toyline - Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Hawkeye. And I want to tell you about some epic-level trolling.

To stop evil, Bruce Banner must first learn to control his dual identity as the Hulk.

I have an Amazon wishlist that none of you ever send me anything from, probably because I'm a jerk who acts like my friends owe me something, that their presence isn't enough. Anyway, I put the four-pack on my wishlist, thinking I'd get it for Christmas. At one point, the price dropped to $35, so I figured I'd just go ahead and order it, but Amazon warned me it had already been purchased. Hooray! Something to look forward to! Well, someone had bought it off my list, alright, but it wasn't my family, and whoever it was didn't send it to me. So I didn't buy the set because I thought I was already getting one, and my family didn't buy it because items get taken off the list when they're bought by anyone. By the time I knew what had happened, the price had shot back up, and then the set was only available from resellers, so I was out of luck. I've kept an eye on the set for years, hoping there would be a decent price again, but this year on Singles Day, I just went ahead and got Bruce by himself.

The figure is wearing a suit, because why wouldn't he be? What, are they going to put him in his "sun's gotten real low" baggy pants and sweatshirt? He's not wearing a tie, meaning that Danny Rand's shirt was not a new piece, and his colorscheme is an appropriately cool combo of dark colors: grey jacket, purple shirt, and blue pants - basically, what he was wearing at the party when Ultron attacked. The skintone on the face and hands could use a better match, but that may just be my figure.

The head is new, but since the release of this figure predates Hasbro's "Photo Real" technology, it doesn't look quite as good as we've grown accustomed to their movie toys looking these days. The sculpt is there, it's just that the paint is simpler. With modern paint apps, this would have a stunning likeness of Mark Ruffalo. Maybe Hasbro will have occasion to pull the mold out for Avengers 4 - after all, we're all going to be surprised when Endgame comes out at the end of April and it's revealed that Banner's line in Avengers 2 - "I'm in a loop! I'm caught in a time loop. This is exactly where it all went wrong." - was not just him making a nerdy reference, but was actually future-Bruce being shunted around by the Time Stone.

The Thor in the box set was a new mold, but Hawkeye just had a new head and Black Widow got some new paint apps, meaning that Bruce Banner was the standout offering from the set. I may have missed out on the full set, but I waited long enough that I was able to get the part that mattered.

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3 Responses to "Avengers 2" Movie Series: Bruce Banner exclusive review

  1. Carth Goren says:

    What about Banner's line in Avengers 2?

  2. SixWayShot says:

    Wha-huh? Don't remember that line from AoU.

    • yo go re says:

      It's when Tony is trying to convince him to put JARVIS's memory into the Vision body. It's him referencing the fact that that kind of thinking is exactly what led to Ultron in the first place...

      ...or is it?

      *dun dun dun!*

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