X-Men Legends Skullbuster addendum: Reese

As mentioned in today's Marvel Legends Skullbuster review, the figure comes with an alternate head that would allow you to turn the figure into a different Reaver, Murray Reese.

But that's not really an ideal solution, is it?

If you look at the Reavers, you'll see that Reese and Skullbuster really don't dress alike - Skullbuster has mechanical limbs and a dark shirt, while Reese goes bare-chested beneath his vest and mostly looks human.

But you know who does dress like Reese? Nuke. Yes, the failed Reaganomics super-soldier from Daredevil. He mostly looks human, and wears a vest with no shirt beneath it. And thanks to Marvel Legends' current construction style, you can turn one into the other:

The head is a little small, and the skintone doesn't quite match, but the big helmet helps hide that.

It seems, like Shadow King and Lilandra, that this head is meant for a body other than the one it's sold with. And, if Hasbro wants to do a two-pack of the other "human" Reavers, it would give them another chance to reuse those Nuke molds, like they did in the Hydra two-pack.

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6 Responses to X-Men Legends Skullbuster addendum: Reese

  1. Discogod says:

    What?!? Nuke's way too big for Reese (and Cole and Macon). They were always depicted as "normal" sized - just look at the image you posted.

    If there was a similar body roughly the size as Spidey UK, it'd be perfect.

  2. AmericanHyena says:

    I agree Nuke is too big. think the Kraven body / pants would work (if you sprung for new knees and left off the floating loincloth piece.

    In all honesty, I would happily plunk down for a three pack with tbat head in three colorways if they did that and stepped up with a new appropriately molded open shirt.

  3. The new Hercules body scales better.

  4. James says:

    The G.I.Joe Classified Gung-Ho (v1, not the Walmart retro carded version) makes a great body for the Reese head.

  5. Hayden Peterman says:

    It's Murray reese, not Macon Reese

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