The continuing adventures of John Hammond

In 1998, EA Games released Jurassic Park: Trespasser, a PC game best known today for being "that one where your health bar is 'looking at your own boobs'." The plot involved staring down your cleavage Anne, the sole survivor of a plane crash on the island from Jurassic Park 2, trying to call for help and get rescued. Like Jurassic Park itself, the game failed because it was trying to exploit fantastic new technology: not dinosaur cloning, but a realistic physics engine. Its existence was influential on games like Half-Life, but it's nothing on its own.

However, the game has its fans, and a group called the Trespasser Hacking Society has been working for years on modernizing it into something that's, you know, playable. They've made new levels, cleaned up old ones, and tried to turn the physics engine into something functional. But while going through the game's files, they found something extremely interesting.

One of the features of the game was Anne finding bits of John Hammond's memoir, which you can read the transcript of here. You didn't have to read them in the game, however, because they were actually voiced by Richard Attenborough himself, making them as close to a canon story as possible. Well, the THS has managed to find copies of these files, and is working on stitching them all together in a cohesive narrative without the extraneous post-processing "voice over" effects. It'll be worth keeping an eye on the project to see how it turns out when they complete it.

Edit: and now they have!

You can't say Attenborough didn't put his all into the work. That's really good writing, too; shame it was only found in such a bad game.

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