Transformers BotBots S.A. Cheez, Papa Click, Botarazzi & Shudder reviews

In the first wing of the Transformers BotBots mall, the Techie Team was important enough to get two stores. You can find SA Cheez riding the escalator between the two of them.

There have been Transformers cameras before, so this little Bot is in good company. A camera is exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to find in an electronics store, and this is a decent model. The casing is black, with bright blue on the lens and viewfinder, plus a few spots of red and silver on the front. There are buttons and controls on the top, but they're unpainted.

Converting BotBots is easy. For SA Cheez, all you have to do is lift the lens, pull down the grip on one side, and split the other side to create legs. Done!

S.A. Cheez likes telling the other bots what to do. Scrunch together. Okay now smile. Okay now make a weird face. Hold. Right. There. It's not really giving orders. He says he just wants to make them look good, filter or not.

This robot has a unique shape, with the camera's entire lens forming his left arm, and the right arm being more of a sunken hollow than anything else. Plus, his face is in the stomach, which makes him look smaller and stumpier. The interior of the right arm is molded with details that look like a camera's controls, even though they have nothing to do with the actual buttons on the exterior. His arms and feet are balljoints, for maximum poseability.

SA Cheez is only available blind-packed, where he's #9. The mold was reused in Series 2 to create Clixx, and then two more times after that...

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