Minimate Mini-Review #400 - The Governor & Bruce & Jaw Zombie

#400 - The Governor/Bruce

The town of Woodbury seemed to be an idyllic haven from the zombie outbreak, but the citizens were unaware of the extent of the Governor's sadism, and he successfully goaded them into war with Rick's people.

Of everything the TV show changed from the comics, The Governor has to be one of the most drastic. Yes, he was gross and horrifying, but the show at least made him seem like a decent guy at first: in the comics, he was giving "dirtbag" from the moment we met him. No one would ever have trusted this guy, let alone named him the governor of an entire city! He looks like someone who'd be okay buying cigarettes for kids. He looks like he'd steal your dog. He looks like he wouldn't return his shopping cart to the store.

Gov is wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, plus has a vest and a belt designed to hold both his included pistol and knife (that last one being a late addition to the plan). The set also has a second head for him, showing the aftermath of his run-in with Michonne, revealing that the Governor is apparently the only person alive who manages to look exactly as warm and trustworthy with an eyepatch as without.

As the Governor's right-hand man, Bruce was responsible for helping him carry out unspeakable acts against the prison survivors who made their way to Woodbury.

Not sure what it was about Walking Dead Minimates Series 4 that made DST think "hey, we have too many zombies in this zombie toyline," but this is the second set in the series that offers two plain humans. In fact, unless you got the Toys "Я" Us-exclusive sets, the only zombie in Series 4 is the Shoulder Zombie. Yes, you had to get two of him, but that's still not great. Bruce, who's barely even memorable in the book (go ahead, distinguish him from any of the other Woodbury thugs, we dare you) gets a thinner vest than his boss, and although his sleeves are short, he wears black gloves. Bruce is bald and he looks like he has a goatee, but that's just the deep recesses around his jaw. He's armed with an assault rifle.

The other odd thing about this series was that the TRU exclusives didn't all get stickers denoting them as such, so you may not have known. For instance, the Governor, there, was also in a TRU set, and instead of random human no one knows, he was paired with the Jaw Zombie.

Survival Tip: While removing a zombie's jaw is certainly a good way to keep it from biting, breaking the jaw will accomplish the same goal.

All the Walking Dead Minimates zombies are taken straight from the comics, because why waste time creating designs from scratch when you've got real ones right there waiting? This one is seen in issue #34, when the good guys have escaped Woodbury and are making their way back to the prison. Martinez, one of the Woodbury expatriates who was going with them, ended up with his hand in a zombie's mouth, and before it could bite down, he just pulled the lower jaw off. This Minimate gets a new jaw piece that fits under the head and around the neck to show that injury. It's balding on the right side, has bloody wounds under its torn blue shirt, and it only has one shoe on. We can tell he had two sleeves from the art, and also his shirt had a collar, so there's still plenty here that's made up.

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4 Responses to Minimate Mini-Review #400 - The Governor & Bruce & Jaw Zombie

  1. Mysterious Stranger says:

    It's kind of ridiculous that he's the "governor" but he's only in charge of one city, isn't it? Shouldn't he be the "Mayor"?

  2. Soundwinder says:

    Gabe and Bruce were the Governor's two closest allies, so that's why all three of them were in one series. In the novels, someone jokes that they look like Secret Service flanking the President, to which Blake replies that he'd "be governor at best," and that's where he got the nickname.

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