Vitruvian HACKS 2020 Deluxe Advent Calendar review - Day 7

The company was world renowned, also was its CEO/
A self-made billionaire and secretly the world's nost implacable foe.

Day 7 of the Vitruvian HACKS Advent calendar brings to light an unexpected development: are we going to have multiple outfits for the figures we build?

You'll recall that Day 5 brought us a torso covering - a red jacket, specifically - and now Day 7 offers up another: a hospital gown. There's no way one figure would be able to wear both things, so either the front of the box lied to us and we're not getting one male and one female body, or Aiyana the elf is going to have options when it's time to play dress-up. This smock is more teal than the usual "hospital green," and gets no paint apps for blood or anything.

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