National Barbie Day - The Barbie/Zelda connection

User mars-janka said: "Now that I think about it... the Legend of Zelda in many ways is just like the Barbie franchise..."

User blog-of-the-wildd said: "Can... can you elaborate?"

User mars-janka said: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Barbie franchise also has many alternate timelines and realities, ones with mermaids the others with fairies, but what they have in common is Barbie. Barbie is the Link of Barbie franchise, she's always there, she's always the hero. Know what I mean??"
User blog-of-the-wildd posted an meme of Mr. Bean copying another man's test answers, with Mr. Bean labelled with the Legend of Zelda logo and the other man labelled with the Barbie logo

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