Elf Advent Calendar review - Day 7

We had a walrus, then a puffin, so you can probably already guess what Day 7 of the Elf Advent Calendar is going to be. That's right: two plush snowballs! Wait, what? The mogwai balls at least made sense, but these are about the size of the human figures. I don't remember any big "snow boulder" scene. They're fuzzy and squishy, and you get two in this single compartment.

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  1. ridureyu says:

    You take the cost of the advent calendar, divide it by 24, and then ask yourself if this is really worth... that.
    (I know, I know, the cheapie days help save up for the more lavish ones, but still. Cotton balls. That's like Harry Potter's "I got a single tissue for my birthday.")

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