Marvel Legends Meggan, Captain Britain, & Shadowcat addendum

As today's review mentioned, the art for the packaging is taken from the 1992 Impel X-Men card series, where all the art was done by Jim Lee. But while the fronts of the cards are (mostly) the same, the backs have been redone.

Spot all the differences!

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5 Responses to Marvel Legends Meggan, Captain Britain, & Shadowcat addendum

  1. Drama123 says:

    Never commented before but figured I might for this one. In the review you had mentioned it was never confirmed that Meggan is a mutant. I think that's been dispelled recently. She's been allowed on Krakoa which I'm pretty sure is off limits to anyone but mutants.

    • yo go re says:

      Good point, the island is picky. I wonder if Cloak and Dagger or Squirrel Girl have tried visiting yet? 😀

      • Ai Muhao says:

        Wait, I thought Cloak and Dagger gained their powers from exposure to an outside source, the way the Fantastic Four gained their powers from cosmic radiation and Spider-Man got his from a radioactive/ genetically-altered spider bite?

          • Ai Muhao says:

            Ah, so I was right and originally their origin was their powers came from that drug treatment, but then it was retconned.

            Godammit, this kind of nonsense is exactly what turned me off comics in the first place. "Oh, they're actually mutants!"
            "Then why weren't they involved in (insert event where mutantkind is at risk)?"
            "You forgot they were mutants, didn't you?"
            "That was some other writer that wrote that story."

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