Star Wars Bodhi Rook addendum: The Comparison


The Bigger Bodhi Hypothesis

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2 Responses to Star Wars Bodhi Rook addendum: The Comparison

  1. Ronnie Lane says:

    In your review, there is one inaccuracy.

    ...that the Jyn Ersos cleared out. XD I still have Walgreens' around me selling Jyn Ersos and Cassian Andors at full price.

    • Ai Muhao says:

      Our local department store still has a few Jyn Ersos and Rose Ticos from that... what was it called... that Force connection line where they're supposed to interact with others?

      They only went on clearance when the store literally needed the space for new product (if I recall right, it was the Spidey and his Amazing Friends line).

      Still some Black Series Constable Zuvios hanging around at full price, though. Like... wow.

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