TMNT Ultimates: Mondo Gecko addendum

Today, yo reviewed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Mondo Gecko from Super7.

The character was created by Mirage Studios' own Ryan Brown (yep, him again) and refined by Anaglyph Sculpture's David Arshawsky, who gave him a definite "Big Daddy Roth" vibe that didn't quite translate to the final sculpt - which was also by Arshawsky, so we can assume it's a case of Playmates wanting it to be different.

Anaglyph Sculpture did a lot of work for Playmates back in the day, and not just literally sculpting the toys. In the case of Mondo Gecko, they also did the first paint master, which was way more intricate than what we eventually got:

Yeah, there was no way that was ever making it out the door from Playmates.

It would have been interesting if Super7 had adapted that look for their toy, but perhaps that was just too much of a departure from what we used to know. But even just copying the shoes and engine block would have made Super7's toy better.

Anyway, as a bonus, here's Nate Baertsch's concept art (since the Four Horsemen are doing the sculpting for Super7, and Nate's their go-to artist):

It looks less like the toy than the toy does, but it's still cool.

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