Batman '66: Catwoman addendum

According to Mcfarlane's site, they're going to be doing a "Season 1" variant of the Catwoman yo reviewed today:

It's the same mold with a new head, which creates some problems.

First, as you know from reading the review, Eartha Kitt wore her necklace differently than Julie Newmar did. It should hang down, not reach out to the shoulders:

We're not even going to worry about the ruffled collar, because that's easy to ignore. But using the same molds doesn't work for them: Newmar was eight inches taller than Kitt - 5'11 vs. 5'3" - so having both Catwomen stand the same height is simply incorrect.

If McToys decides to do a Lee Meriwether in the future, she'll really need some new molds: the entire thing that set her apart was that she didn't wear the necklace at all.

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  1. Black Arbor says:

    The last paragraph of the Catwoman review seems to have been written by someone with the loosest grasp on the english language, might wanna touch it up...

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