The Mini Menace Ladybug

That's the first drawing of Ladybug ever done, circa 2005. And as mentioned in today's Cat Noir review, here are the pretend comic covers Thomas Astric also created:

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6 Responses to The Mini Menace Ladybug

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Goodness! Some of those covers hint that Ladybug would've have a way darker feel. Kind of reminds me of Cybersix.

    It'd be interesting if Thomas Astric could somehow flesh these out into actual stories or comics, just to see how different things might've been.

    I like Miraculous just fine, mind you, but some of these covers really speak to me as someone who used to read comics. I can't look at that "C'est La Rentree" cover without thinking of the famous "Spider-Man No More!" one.

  2. Pharmadan says:

    So for anyone interested I just learned that 5Below is carrying pretty decent figures from Miraculous. The leads in hero and civilian styles, queen bee, and rena rouge ate what I saw in stock.

    It's not as nice as the old figures, but they're not dolls or expensive imports.

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