Princess Leia with her hair down

Here, from the Shadows of the Empire card set, is the other time Leia has not had her hair done up into a complicated style:

Leia continues to grapple with her longings for Xizor. Maybe she can quell them by soaking in the luxurious black-marble bathtub in her fresher. After all she's been through lately, she relishes the rare occasion for such self-pampering, right down to the blowers that dry her off. But as she applies her makeup and tries decide which opulent dress to wear for her next meeting with the handsome Falleen, pangs of guilt resurface. It's worse when Chewie - who arrives sans his disguise - gives her disapproving looks. To heck with the Wookiee, Leia's weak side tells her, if looking good for Xizor helps save Luke's life, so be it!

If nothing else, we certainly know that Greg and Tim Hildebrandt don't have a firm grasp on how long a woman's hair would need to be in order to execute the kinds of 'do Leia typically wears.

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