Four Horsemen present: Jacob Marley

Last year we got the Headless Horseman in October, and Father Christmas in December; this year we got the Masque of the Red Death in October, and now the Four Horsemen are already back with another new thing!

You will be Figura Obscura. Tomorrow (Saturday, 12/02/23), the latest character to roam the halls of the Figura Obscura shall be revealed, and you are invited to join us starting at 9am EST.

As was quite apparent, this time the figure is A Christmas Carol's Jacob Marley, possibly setting up the next few years' worth of releases.

It's made from Mythic Legions parts, with lots of new work to capture the classic look, and as of this posting, it's not sold out yet (nor is the "all in" bundle with cards, a pin, and a mug). There's also a little bit of previously sold-out stock available, like older cards and extras. If it does go before you get a chance to place your order, there will be a second drop tonight at 8pm EST. This isn't a preorder; the figure is already in stock and ready to ship in a few days, so get the figure for your wintry display now!

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