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Take Your Action Figure to Work Day

Yes, apparently Take Your Action Figure to Work Day is a real thing, and it's happening this Friday, March 6. The idea is simple. All you have to do is: own an action figure have a job on Friday, take … Continue reading

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Are you a member of the Rewards R Us program?

If so, you'd better change your passwords, because Toys R Us had a data breach: Toys''R''Us has many layers of account security in place to keep your Rewards''R''Us balance and other profile information safe. Recently, we identified an attempt to … Continue reading

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ToyBacker - a crowdfunding site specifically for toys

A press release: With the increasingly competitive landscape of the toy development and retail industries, crowd funding has emerged as a gateway for toy innovators to display and gather support for ideas that may have been passed up by large … Continue reading

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Mythic Legions changing scales

Until now, we haven't paid much attention to the Four Horsemen's Mythic Legions line. They looked awesome (because of course they did), but they were only going to be done in 4" scale, not 6", making them easy to ignore. … Continue reading

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DC fixing its breakage issues

DC asked, and you answered. And now they're doing something about it. We received fan questions asking about quality issues with DC Collectibles product, so we wanted to take a moment to give you a look at where we are … Continue reading

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Hasbro doing another Fan-Built Bot

Last time we got Windblade. This time we're getting an original Combiner - but the only way to vote for it is to get the official Transformers app. And now, some more OAFEry:ToyWorld Devilstar addendum - the competition Meet Dumpster … Continue reading

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Mondo's Iron Giant available NOW!

We got a press release! And now, some more OAFEry:Vin Diesel, "Street Sharks" booth babe Minimate Mini-Review #370 - The Iron Giant C2E2 2017 Mondo toys are coming The biggest properties of the '90s

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Somebody at Play-Doh is gonna be in trouble Friday morning

Llllllllllladies! I dunno if anyone else follows Play-Doh on Facebook but you should cause they're doing some serious damage control — El Clarko (@Fatgoldfish4) December 29, 2014 Thing is, this "problem" was noticed and addressed last month, so parents … Continue reading

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Go inside Mezco's One:12 Collective Batman

We have, in the past, poked fun at Mezco's new Batman figures: they're done in the 6" scale, but they cost $70. That's kind of nuts, especially when we're already feeling the sting of paying $20 for Marvel Legends and … Continue reading

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DC quality control issues

Have you had trouble with DC Direct products, lately? Broken joints, bad paint, etc.? They want to hear from you. Any recourse for a broken ankle on my brand new DC Collectibles Batman Animated Series figure, @DCComics? — Brandon … Continue reading

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