Ahoy! Stand fast and prepare to be boarded!

Weigh anchor, ye land lubbers, for today be Talk Like A Pirate Day, and OAFE be ready to do just that. We're sailing right past Transformers Tuesday this week to, instead, talk like pirates.

We actually got a jump on things by posting a review of Zizzle's Ultimate Black Pearl playset, a massive ship that should find a welcome port is any smart fan's collection. Ah, but that review reached harbor a day early - today is the day, so what be on deck now?

If ye're going to talk like a pirate, what better option than a whole crew? In honor of the day, we've reviewed Mezco's Mez-Itz Pirates, the scurviest crew of freebooters, bunccaneers and scalliwags to ever set out from Tortuga. Go read about them, then get a set of yer own!

And lest ye think we're set to return to dry land tomorrow, never fear: we've got one more pirate-talkin' review ready to go, so keep yer boots on and yer swords ready for Pirate Elizabeth Swann. Yarr!

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