OAFEnet Update for Thursday, November 30

This week's OAFEnet Email Update comes to you in glorious 3-D! Unless you're still using an old 2-D monitor, at which point it will just look like a bunch of text with some links. Time to upgrade.

  • We started this week by adding at least one new term to our Toy Glossary. Which term is new? If you haven't read the glossary before, you'll never know.
  • While that's nice, it's not really a review, is it? Our first toy is a highly detailed, highly articulated, beautifully painted piece from a company other than ToyBiz. Yes, such a thing exists.
  • If you got the email update last week, then you already read this review; it was the Email Update Exclusive. If you didn't get the email last week, welcome to the party. Tell your friends. Read this review twice to make up for it.
  • How much do you hate scalpers? Did you ever imagine there could be a lower lifeform out there? Check out what this raging nitwit is trying to pull.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum from idiotic scalpers are the people who luck into completely awesome hauls. Read a story of luck, subterfuge and misdirection.
  • Transformers Tuesday this week was a two-fer. Or maybe a two-and-a-half-fer, if Minicons count. Why the bonus? Because TFT will (likely) be taking a hiatus in December, while we do something even crazier. So make this one last.
  • Any of you Transformers fans out there good at costumizing/kitbashing? yo needs your help.
  • And speaking of customizing, someone has a question about doing that on rotocast toys.
  • Our final new review for the week is the type of thing Beavis and Butt-Head would laugh at. It's the kind of thing you don't want to have to explain to your grandmother. Or anyone else's grandmother, for that matter. Prepare to snicker quietly to yourself.

Don't forget our upcoming Toy of the Year awards. Get your nominees in and remember, you can name as many different things as you want, even if you don't think they'll win.

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