Flippin' Through Previews - January '06

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover.

On page 45, we find Monster Theater Show b/w PVC sets from SD Toys. These are classic horror icons, re-interpretted by dKiller Panda. Set 1 is Vampi, London (a Mr. Hyde type), and Invisible; set 2 is Frankie, Bride and Mummy. They're each about 3" tall.

If you're into Hellboy, you can find the animated Liz Sherman bust on page 48. Sure, she doesn't move, but it's Liz! And the Hb cartoon designs were nice.

DC Direct lists Justice League of America Series 1 on page 128. The line-up includes Black Canary, Red Arrow, Vixen, Black Lightning and yet another Superman. These look to be based on the same bodies as the Identity Crisis figures, with new heads - you can decide for yourself whether that's good or bad. Remember, this is the first Black Lightning figure since the old "Total Justice" line.

Right next door on page 129 is Reactivated! Series 3: Super Friends. It's... sort of good, since they were only available in two-packs before, but who cares about the stupid-looking heroes? We want the stupid-looking villains! And what was Series 2?

There's a two-page Simpsons Series 1 spread on page 162 and 163. Congratulations, McFarlane: you've managed to do exactly what Gentle Giant was already doing with their Bust-Ups. What an innovator!

Page 165: remember when people cared about Sports Picks hockey figures? Yeah, me, neither. Two of the figures are even the same guy. That's pretty cheap.

This isn't a toy, but on page 257 you'll find Hack/Slash vs. Chucky. Hack/Slash is a cool little comic about a goth girl who hunts down slashers. You know, like from the movies. She could kick Jason and Freddy's asses. And now she's fighting the evil living doll (which is why we're pimping this book).

Do you not know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch! Formerly only available in Europe, the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection is finally being imported to the US - you can see them on page 354. This month, we have Dr. Strange, Invisible Woman, Iron Man and Phoenix, plus a solo listing for Juggernaut. Because he's more expensive. Interestingly, these are listed as magazine (with figures) rather than figures (with magazines).

Family Guy Series 7 is listed on page 400. Groovy Death, Commando Stewie, Bad Girl Lois, the Performance Artist, Bionic Peter and Neil Goldman.

One of the new Hasbro repaint lines is listed on page 402. Marvel Heroes, like "Spider-Man Origins" offers older figures with new paint apps, appealing to both new customers and those of us who already have the figures. This set includes Captain America, the Jim Lee Cyclops (repainted into his Ultimate Cyclops), ML3 Magneto (repainted into Ultimate Magneto) and ML6 Wolverine (repainted into a blue and yellow costume).

Page 404 is Spider-tastic: all kinds of Spider-Man 3 figures. Unfortunately, they're all vague, because no information can be released until the end of March. But check out the listings:

  • Spider-Man & Friends Mystery Action Figure: One of your favorite Marvel characters - as you've never seen them before!
  • Spider-Man 3 Collectible Action Figures: 5"-6" tall action figures based on characters related to the upcoming film.
  • Spider-Man 3 Electronic Action Figure: It's not what you think. A musically inclined electronic accessory gets a Marvel twist!
  • Spider-Man 3 Action Figures: These 5" tall figures are based on characters from the upcoming films.

So why list both "collectible action figures" and just "action figures?" Are they actually catering to fans as well as kids? And what's that music thing? And the Spider-Man & Friends one? Intriguing! Page 405 also lets us know that there will be SM3 Superhero Squad two-packs in March.

On page 406, there's a listing for Jazwares' Mortal Kombat Series 3 figures: Noob Saibot, Reptile, Jonny Cage and Kano. Aren't these already out?

NECA has a pile of stuff on page 408: first is Grindhouse, with a listing for Quentin Tarantino as an Army Soldier, Marley Shelton as Dakota and Rose McGowan as Cherry; Land of the Dead figures are resolicited, offering Blade (Tom Savini!), the Butcher and Big Daddy; Mattel may have screwed up their Harry Potter toys, but now NECA is making Harry in Tri-Wizard Cup outfit, Lord Voldemort, a Dementor and two Deatheaters; the PotC: At World's End line promises a new Jack Sparrow (ha!) alongside Pintel & Ragetti and Mongolian pirate Sao Feng; and finally, a 7" figure of Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth.

Also from NECA is the Reservoir Dogs Box Set on page 410, featuring Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink and Mr. Brown. Yes, all the same figures we got from Mezco five years ago. They'd better expand beyond that.

Old-school Star Trek fans will probably enjoy the Kirk and Kahn two-pack on page 412. Everyone else will more likely expect the older Kahn from the movie.

Two more "Star~" properties are found on page 441. Stargate SG-1's Ascension Two-Pack offers Anubis and Daniel Jackson in ceremonial robes, while Star Wars Galactic Heroes will have versions of Hammerhead & Figrin Dan, Darth Maul w/ Sith Speeder, Clone Wars Anakin & Clone Trooper and General Obi-Wan & Durge.

The Corgi Marvel Heroes statues on page 418 look really nice, but MAN! $70 each for a 6" figure? Sure, they're die-cast metal, but come on: that's just insane.

The Hellboy BPRD HeroClix seven-figure set we mentioned ages ago are finally listed on page 468.

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