Whose House? M's House!

Today's House of M box set review mentioned that ToyBiz had done a decent job of giving us characters from this big crossover - more than you might think.

Obviously, you've got the four figures in this box set: Iron Man, Inhuman Torch, Hulk and the It. Then there's Air Strike Wolverine, wearing his SHIELD uniform. There's also the craptacular Spider-Sense Spider-Man, which would be a lot better without its two dumb action features.

The selection is deeper than that, though, if you want to get clever. Carol Danvers went by the name of Captain Marvel during the House of M, but she wore her normal costume. Iceman was a Horseman of Apocalypse. Cloak was released in the Marvel Select line, and even though he was more of an accessory than a figure, he's still a good backdrop for your own HoM display - though why, if he's a mutant, was he on the humans' side?

So, what other figures do we already have that would look perfectly at home in the House of M?

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4 Responses to Whose House? M's House!

  1. Twigga says:

    Awesome I've been waiting for this one, can you guys get to reviewing the Hasbro Legends soon I just eBayed an Ultimate Iron-Man even from all the pictures the quality doesn't look as high as the ToyBiz line. I'm an avid Oafe reader & I am trying to collect all the Iron-Man. Wether they're ToyBiz or not but I like seeing 3rd party thoughts, just to keep my arse in check.

    PS. You guys rock! 😛

  2. Count Neil Von Rutherford III of Timblisticistan says:

    Cloak isn't a mutant, he is a genetic altered human.

    • yo go re says:

      Nope, mutant - Cloak and Dagger both are.

      The original origin story was that they were given an overdose of a new drug (hey, it was the '80s - we're lucky their message was "just say no" and not "save the whales"), but it was later revealed that the all the drug did was activate their latent mutant abilities. And also, for some reason, switched them: Tyrone was supposed to get the light powers, while Tandy was supposed to get access to the darkforce dimension. Weird, huh?

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