OAFEnet Update for Thursday, February 22

Translated from broken Engrish, it's the OAFEnet Email Update!

There's a gimmick to this week's update. Instead of talking about what the figure is, we're just going to cut and paste a section of the review and provide the link. The hitch? We've run it through a program that has pretty much butchered it. Try to guess what each review is before getting to the link. Ready? Here we go!

  • As the least amount of this figure that would hide perfectly along the years, all the other characters continued to suffer. I had many toys based on them. However, in general. Fact. I can recall wanting two because he was ultimately disappointed but I was a faceless soldier. Paint is almost designed for balljointed shoulders than balljointed shoulders and psychotic adolescence. The character is the articulation. The film's design is a sort of ninjitsu, the characters provide lots of room to be desired. Paint is the articulation. However, in the ancient fighting techniques of their demographic far more effective on the only problem with a belt-bag full of characters and thereby the characters provide lots of variation.
  • A few years in the middle of disguise, the heat of Marvel's comic and featuring a big storyline from head to become her unruly jeans. Or, as Fred mused to himself, after shooting back to be a direct hit from the method actor's point of just as cannon fodder. Funny thing going on, but she wasn't drawn like that in fact, they yet again failed to blend in fact, they all look for this was a .357 magnum. The first of his amazing chameleon-like powers lies in Denver. Some have almost no role - in his manipulation of battle, the comics: there, she looked in her own right. Since her older brother, she can assume a way, since she can assume a mask. On the sake of the conflict? Spoiler warning: He is a master of one panel.
  • At any rate though, this scale would add an accessory. For all intents and mass-marketed licensed merchandise. It's really Just as well as has been warned. Extensively. Figures from Series One and Series One and T-crotched hips and mass-marketed licensed merchandise. But I'm back, Doc. I'm back from the goods and dark paint detail we've come to expect from the forearms being glued into the first time. My recollection is a Curse of the line, just as with Series One and that's comedy gold! The figure's coat here too. I'm back near the line, which is oddly a smart business move for comically malevolent misadventures. Deliver the continued lack of articulation in plastic form glued into the world of things, really.
  • When it changes around them. In battle, however they join a boulder in tune with spiritual vigor and vague force they call the United States. They're nomadic and kill the real figures they never made them from wearing metal armor mostly, so keen to the herd of industry precludes them When it all without relying on his belt buckle! Calling upon the package, it comes to annihilate their shaman in thick fur, and leather. His head is a polearm of articulation, despite a couple years ago. He's got a pop, and they're all out. Feel the size of the United States. They're nomadic and immobile, watching the Plains Indians of some sort, basically a bear pelt draped on Microsoft's daunting advertising budget. Their society is permanently twisted to the side.
  • If you're absolutely married to a tree, he looks like gorilla parts. Everything is $15, but only in fact, that his enemy lurks somewhere in disguise. There's tons of criminals. TNM is the back, an admonishment to the side and his back an assault blade if you read the Arc, but only in all caps. Swinging from King Kong. Neat! Both versions come out, though, both forms, he and he looks like they belonged on his feet and his chest. There are two pegs that they weren't sure the original toys talk about the equivalent of bitchin' - an incredible simulation. Both versions come with a knee-jerk reaction among those who have biological life. The two ships engaged in the second series. For the most consistent flaw: he fails to not include a missile. Transformers Tuesday!
  • Not every black person is special. His skin color is white and silver, but you could claim that the likeness looks like blackface? Picked it up again on the five o'clock shadow, his accessory. The duo won a wax statue with the character's classic look. Not every wrestler can just walk out in front of his WWF owner Vince McMahon, and look intimidating. That's what it's called when he demanded that is definitely wasn't a Toys R Us exclusive two-pack. His huge forehead actaully means that is definitely worth it. Not every black person is white and his biggest enemy, and pink instead. Therefore, when a bad guy turns good. Danny Glover definitely wasn't a bad guy when he adopted the abuse on orders. WWEdnesday!
  • It all can easily stand without them, they're a common threat. I can only hope that these exact pants with a yellow jacket with six straps running horizontally along its length, giving me figures face, shoes, jewelry. His ankles seem to conceal a shaggier haircut. Everybody knows more about his homosexuality, but more on the bare chest are exceptional. The suspenders, however, are handled just to name a thoroughbred horse in London. Of course, if you want to represent a hugely popular five o'clock shadow, instead of most Iron Man figures, you're only at the black areas. More recently, they've simultaneously released two sports arena classics from the over-texturing that could be seen wearing these exact pants.
  • If you haven't had enough mix-and-match fun yet, check out this thread on our message board, in which you are placed in charge of a hypothetical toyline.

Whew, was that crazy or what! How many of them did you guess? How many were misleading? How many of them infuriated you?

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