Flippin' Through Previews - July '07

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover.

There's something disappointing about Superman/Batman Series 5: Vengeance 2 besides the name. The series includes Supergirl, Power Girl, the Composite Batman/Superman and a two-pack of Joker and Mr. Mxyzptlk. What? Mr. Mxy should come with Bat-Mite! Oh well, at least Supergirl looks less-horrible than DCD's last try. See for yourself on page 138.

Would you like 13 inches of Dick? Then turn to page 139, where the Robin 13" Deluxe Collector Figure can be found.

World of Warcraft Series 2 gets a double-page spread on 140. See the Gnome Warrior, Human Warrior, Troll Priest and Night Elf Druid, as well as the Draeni Paladin. I'm sure if you play WoW, those names mean something to you.

Toy fans might want to check out Spawn #174 on page 168. Why a comic? Because it features Gunslinger Spawn, a toy-favorite. Hopefully it's as good as when they had that issue dedicated to Mandarin Spawn.

Red Sox fans can pick up a wicked pissah David Ortiz Collector's Figure on page 173. He's wearing the red jersey, and features a new head sculpt. Go, Big Papi!

Another series of those 3" Spawn Trading figures is listed on page 174. The best in the line looks to be Manga Spawn - get a bunch and have them swarming around his bigger brother like drones.

Page 176, NFL Series 15. Ravens, Colts, Eagles, Bears, Titans, Cowboys, Eagles. Go Bears!

Page 178, NBA Legends 3. Bunch of guys.

Page 180, NHL Legends 5. Featuring some people you might actually have heard of!

DST is re-releasing a bunch of figures in Marvel Select "Best Of" Series 2, so go to page 203 before you over-pay for Venom, Phoenix or Emma Frost.

Every month we list the Classic Marvel Figurines on page 384. Does anyone ever get any? This month, it's Kraven, Mephisto, Nova, Scarlet Witch and Apocalype.

Looks like Toynami is giving Bleach the same treatment they gave InuYasha - 7" figures are listed on page 435.

Wow, a big assortment of new Sigma 6 figures on page 435, too: Inferno, Gung Ho, Iron Grenadier, Short Fuse, Toxic Zartan, Samurai Storm Shadow, Zanzibar, Wrecking Ball, Hi Tech and Wetsuit. Damn!

Legendary Comicbook Heroes Series 2 is listed on page 438, so if you don't think you'll see these in stores, maybe you should order a set now.

Ever wish Superhero Squad figures were bigger? Page 438 has the answer! Get a Sentinel or the most retarded Galactus ever! Or, on page 440, check out the repaint-tastic Superhero Squad Collector's Pack, which features 10 figures.

The Clash is getting action figures, listed on page 440. No idea what company they're from, but they're boasting of four random base/backdrop variants - four variants? That's not something to be proud of, mystery company.

Hey, look, the Gwar action figures are being re-solicited! Keep reaching for the stars, Shocker! Someday your dreams will come true.

Motorhead fans will love page 442, where they'll find their very own Lemmy.

Two sets of 24 Minimates are listed on page 444: an "End of Day 1" two-pack, and a "Season 2" four-pack box.

Proving that DST has missed the point of "action" figures, two Buffy figures are on page 446. In truth, though, they're statues with removable arms. Yeah, that's WAY better than articulation, guys.

Also on page 446, Mezco's new Cinema of Fear figures make their debut - oddly enough, as a line of 14" plushes and a line of 3¾" dioramas. What an odd pair.

Mezco also has product on page 448, their Goonies action figures. People seem pretty jazzed about these, for whatever reason, so there they are. Get buyin'. Oh, and the Leatherface Living Dead Doll is listed right next to them.

Wow, SOTA's Now Playing Series 4 is on page 451. A Killer Klown, the long-awaited Anubis Warrior, the Leprechaun (!!!) and an American Werewolf in London box set! Too cool!

Series 3 of the Battlestar Galactica Minimates are listed on page 454, featuring Starbuck/Cmdr Adama, Number Eight/Number Three, and Helo/Tyrol. Plus a variant of Tyrol in his uniform, rather than his deck gear.

On page 458, Stargate SG1 Series 4 promises desert camo versions of all the characters - including the Previews-Exclusive Jonas Quinn, who might be worth it just to customize your own Parker Lewis Can't Lose figure. Buy them all, and you can build the MALP and some transport rings.

Unexpectedly, there's a new Star Wars Unleashed ARC Heavy Gunner on page 460. This is a full-sized guy, not one of the tiny ones. Weird!

In the designer toys section, page 487 has a whole selection of Bart Simpson Qees in various paint apps. Bartman, Daredevil Bart, Bubble Bath Bart and nine others await your attention!

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