OAFEnet Update for Thursday, October 4

The world of the dead and the world of the living...are about to collide...in the OAFEnet Email Update.

Because we're uninventive, October is Horror Month at OAFEnet - as if you hadn't noticed the new, limited-time colors and the creepy banner at the top of every page. That means 31 days of the best in horror-themed toys, both old and new.

  • Our first review this week is a killer cyborg hiding his disfigured face behind a mask. Be sure to check out the blog link to find out this character's interesting and unexpected history, and how he made the jump from one publisher to another.
  • You can't get much more "Halloweeny" than a reanimated corpse controlled by a mad scientist, which is what our next review delivers. This character spawned a cartoon series that wasn't quite based on himself, but was better than the original.
  • The annual GI Joe convention was this past weekend, and there was both good and bad news to come out of Georgia.
  • I don't know about you, but nothing scares me more than Sylvester Stallone's acting. Lucky for everyone, this figure has nothing to do with that. In keeping with the Horror Month sensibilities, it's a guy in a costume, with his face hidden by a mask. He'd be great for trick or treating!
  • Want to read something insane? Like, seriously, mind-bendingly asinine? The type of thing that will make you exclaim in disbelief when you see it? Check out the pure craziness.
  • The first "official" Horror Month review (in that it was posted on October 1st) is a witch. A witch! Burn her! Oh, wait, sorry. Just got a little-- burn the witch! She's poisoned our well and been in congress with the devil! Burn her! Burn... wow, again, sorry. Kind of off-topic. Grab your torches and head on over!
  • It's stuff like this that makes you wish you had customizing skills.
  • Even this week's Transformers Tuesday got in on the Halloween fun. A servant of darkness so evil that even the Decepticons were willing to join forces with the Autobots to face him? That's one bad dude, right there!
  • What does that review have in common with this one? When the characters first appeared, they were both on fire.
  • Here's a scary pair that not many people had the chance to own, but will soon be finding their way into more homes.
  • Our final review of the week was a violent alien half-breed, and the young boy he met here on Earth. It's like ET on acid! Without the Reese's Pieces. Mmmm, candy.
  • It's a new month, which means it's time to go toy shopping in the Previews catalog.
  • Hey, when we said that other review was the final one? We lied. Last-minute bonus review!

And that wasn't even the Email Update Exclusive! If you were subscribed to our mailing list, you'd get to read one of next week's scary reviews right now!

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