Flippin' Through Previews - October '07

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in December.

The fun actually starts on page 3, with a big ad for Hasbro Legends 3. It's got Captain America, Bucky, and a slew of Hydra soldiers. Hope the Hydra soldier comes with a good piece of the BAF, because army builders are going to have a ton of it.

The actual listings begin on page 128, with DC Direct's New Teen Titans. You can get Grandpa Deathstroke, Disco Jailbait Terra, Hotpants Robin and Ridiculous Blonde Afro Jericho. Sweet!

Considering how poorly the first series of Smallville figures sold, it's a surprise that Series 2 is listed on page 129. It helps that there are some real superheroes on the show, now.

Is that really only the second series of Simpsons figures on page 164? Seems like it should be higher. McFarlane's Military Series 6 is next, spreading over to page 167. Then the next three pages have sports figures, so we'll just keep on flippin'.

DST is listing the Spider-Man 3 exclusive Debut 2-pack on page 189. yo go re reviewed it last week! How's that for service?

Right below that is the newest Marvel Select offering, Thor. The modern Thor who's currently kicking butt in a new series written by J Michael Strazynski.

Avatar Press lists their Black Summer: John Horus figure on page 238. This was supposed to be available at SDCC, but they never released any pictures, so who knows if it was. It's a big Mego-style doll with cloth clothes and rubber gloves, so if you're into that sort of thing, go nuts!

It's not a toy, per se, but Devil's Due Publishing has a GI Joe vs. Transformers Omnibus that collects all four volumes of the crossover series. There were some pretty decent stories in there, even if it doesn't include the indisputably awesome WWII tale. Check it out for yourself on page 270.

Now we jump to page 418, which lists GI Joe 25th Anniversary Collection series 3: Zartan, Stalker, Firefly, Shipwreck and a Red Ninja.

Next to that, we see Gentle Giant's Hellboy Animated 10" rotocast figure.

Page 420 is all about the Marvel Legends: HL3 is on here, as is a listing for the exclusive variant Ultimate Wolverine we told you about recently. Plus, there's a separate listing for the Hydra Agents from HL3 - seems comic shops can order a case of just these guys, so if you want an army, tell your shop.

Page 421 has a bunch of re-lists, but also the Marvel Legends Spider-Man 3 series and the next batch of Superhero Squad cuties.

If you haven't picked up Teddy Scares Series 2 yet, they're offered again on page 423.

Battlestar Galactica Series 2 is listed on page 426: Starbuck, Kat, a Cylon and an exclusive Helo. Hopefully the head on Starbuck in the shots is going to be reworked before the final product - the likeness isn't too "like" right now.

Buffy fans can now get the Red Dress Glory on page 430. She was apparently an exclusive for Titan magazine (?) but is now available here.

Also on page 430, but much more timely, the Harry Potter Death Eaters 5-piece box set. Love them Bust-Ups!

Trekkies should dig the First Contact Data on page 434. He's got interchangeable battle-damaged pieces to depict his run-in with the Borg Queen.

Ever thought you could create a more interesting Qee figure than the ones seen in the Designer Toys section every month? Here's your chance on page 458, with the 3-Inch D.I.Y. Bart Simpson. Get a bunch and over-charge people for them, just like the real artists.

Oh, holy crap, how awesome is this? On page 484, you'll find the Aliens 1/12 Die-Cast Powerloader w/Bishop. 1/12 scale means it's sized for 6" figures, and therefore pretty much in scale with McFarlane's alien queen. Shame it costs $125, though. Ouch!

Want some Metal Gear Solid action figures? See page 488, where you'll find some 7" toys from Japan. You'll also see the MGS 20th Anniversary Kubricks.

Once again, NECA's stuff inexplicably shows up in the Collectibles & Novelties section, not with the rest of the toys. On page 506, you can get Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem figures, Harry Potter Series 3, a Labyrinth: Jareth boxed set and even the last 300 figure, Xerxes. Some of those you're unlikely to see in stores, so it may be smart to order ahead.

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