The Angles of the Geometry of Dissolution

In today's review of Transformers Titanium Cybertron Heroes: The Fallen, yo said the character was collecting Transformers he thought represented the "angles of the geometry of dissolution." So who and what were they?

Well, the four individuals he was after were Grimlock, Jetfire, Hot Spot and Blitzwing. He said he needed the energy of "four unique sparks, each loaded with genetic potential" to perform a ceremony known as the Unbinding, which would unlock the Seal of Primus and draw the attention of his master, Unicron. He never explained what those unique sparks represented, but we can guess:

  • Grimlock is one of the Primitives, and has a bestial fury
  • Jetfire has a completly analytical mind
  • Hot Spot was the central component of a gestalt team
  • Blitzwing is (apparently) the first triple-changer

So we have primal instincts, scientific logic, the ability for teamwork and being a self-reliant loner. Those four guys manage to cover a lot of ground - no wonder the Fallen wanted them.

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