I need help fixing a Transformer

I've got a Transformer here that has a bum waist - when it was assembled, one of the pieces was put on backwards, so it can't transform right. I tried unscrewing the body, but that didn't give me access to the waist. I *think* the waist is held in place by the metal bar that runs all the way through, from wheel to wheel. If I could slide that bar out, I think I could get the waist turned around properly. But how can I do it?

The wheels, as I said, are on a metal axle, with caps holding them in place. Like Hotwheels or Matchbox tires. Is there any way to pop that cap off? Anyone have any suggestions? This thing is really pissing me off, and I'm tired of having a broken TF.

Feel free to repost this elsewhere, if you think anyone could come up with an answer. Someone has to know, right?

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