Transformers Snarl addendum

The gimmick of this year's "Power of the Primes" theme is that the Transformers can join up with various "Prime Masters" to gain new powers. When you buy a Deluxe, Voyager, or Leader Class figure, it includes a card revealing the powers granted by one combination. Just one. Out of 12. So here's a list of all the powers Snarl can gain:

Alchemist Prime
Changes Earth soil into Cybertronian metal.
Alpha Trion
Defeats opponents with tactics learned from historic battles.
Amalgamous Prime
Tries on every combat-ready form he can think of.
The Fallen
Wages endless war, standing alone as the apex warrior.
Liege Maximo
The ultimate combat instigator.
Micronus Prime
Power-links to share his solar-amplified strength.
Nexus Prime
Combines with any bots headed towards battle.
Onyx Prime
Harnesses brute force to challenge any opponent.
Relentlessly fights to protect Cybertron.
Quintus Prime
Creates countless races of warriors.
Solus Prime
Forges armor that can withstand infinite battles.
Vector Prime
Travels back to the time he inhabited Cybertron.
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