Somebody's confused

So I was at Wal*Mart this afternoon, and saw something new: a boxed set of Spider-Man 3 Superhero Squad figurines. You know, just like all the other SS sets - that sort of half-circle display, with the figures in front of a neat background? Yeah, those. Anyway, this set had five of the figures (with crappy new paint jobs), just like most of them. The odd thing about it, though?

It was a Toys R Us exclusive.

Yeah, you read that right: a TRU exclusive at Wal*Mart. How could this happen? Beats me, but every set there had a telltale white oval on the front panel, where a sticker had been ripped off. One of the stickers wasn't completely removed, though, and it had enough of the original image left for any dedicated toy fan to recognize what was once the Toys R Us logo.

So what's the story? Was this an exclusive that changed stores? Did someone at the factory accidentally slap on the wrong stickers? Anyone out there know the real story?

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