OAFEnet Update for Thursday, December 13

The OAFEnet Email Update is only slightly more popular than the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

It's been a busy, busy week over at OAFEnet, but everyone's been getting in on the action. Make sure you're good and comfortable before we begin. And also completely drunk - we find it makes the experience better.

  • Artemis got things started for us with a modern variant figure of a very old character. There's some debate of red vs. white in regards to this character, but Artemis has come down firmly on the less pigmented side. Where do you stand?
  • And then, from the same toyline, the age-old story of a man and his worm. Awwww! It raises an interesting point, though: how many superheroes can you think of who debuted in the same issue as their classic archvillain?
  • McFarlane's Twisted Christmas just won't die! Read yo's proposed lineup for Series 2.
  • Sunday's review wasn't intended to be Sunday's review, but computer issues delayed the article you were supposed to get. Good thing yo had an emergency backup review ready to toss out in its place. It's amazing how big a difference one color can make.
  • Monkey Boy leapt off a high tower and into a wagon full of hay to bring you this review of a surprisingly good figure. Not "surprisingly" because the source material is bad, but because the company behind it isn't usually this good. Do you think parkour really existed in ancient Jerusalem?
  • If given the opportunity, would you punch Hitler in the face? Monday's review would! In fact, he did! And if that isn't enough of a clue to tell you what this review is, you're not half the nerd we thought you were.
  • Poe resurfaced eventually to give us a review related to that last one. It's Marvel's first army builder! Other than their unofficial army builder, Wolverine. Though Wolverine would fight this guy, too.
  • And finally, part three in this series, a teenage boy. Just the person you want to see next to you on the front lines. Imagine the opening scenes of "Saving Private Ryan," but instead of men in dark green getting their arms blown off, you saw a kid too young to shave dressed like a clown. War is hell.
  • Our Transformers Tuesday review is huge, noisy and doesn't know his own name. Just like your dad on New Year's Eve! You can call him whatever you like, but don't miss out.
  • Wow, for a while there, it didn't seem like we'd ever see the end of the OEU, but here we are! Your last review for this week is going to be followed up by two related reviews next week, but for now you just get this one.

This week was jam-packed, but next week will probably be pretty big, too. It's the ramp-up to Christmas, and that means lots of toys you should know about.

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