OAFEnet Update for Thursday, January 31

All you need is an OAFEnet Email Update and a dream.

If you've seen the new banner at the top of all our pages this week, you'll know that we're giving away free toys. If you haven't seen it, well, then what have you been doing with your time?

  • Our first review was, of course, Joe Friday, so you get to start with four inches of old-fashioned goodness. Wow, that sounds indescribably dirty, doesn't it? Don't worry, the review isn't nearly as bad as it sounds.
  • While we're on the subject of GIJoe, have you heard the new casting updates? If not, check out the latest installment of our GIJoe Movie Watch.
  • This week's Star Wars review is battery-powered, and just a little bit disappointing. Before you shell out your hard-earned cash for an exclusive, find out if it's worth the price.
  • Toy Fair is still a few weeks away, but one company has already given fans a sneak preview of what we will get to see there - and it was completely unexpected! Imagine if you walked into McDonald's and instead of a crappy heat-lamp burger, they handed you a thick, juicy gourmet sandwich. That's the kind of switcheroo we're talking about, here.
  • And speaking of shelling out your cash for something, Transformers Tuesday was all about an imported figure with a lot of retro street cred. But whatever you do, nevertake it out in the street - we can't be responsible for what happens if you do.
  • One of our readers posted this amusing video, this week - it's something our parents and loved ones can probably (unfortunately) identify with.
  • Our final review of the week really would have been a lot cooler last week, when the Winter X-Games were on - after all, it looks like this guy broke into Shaun White's locker and ganked all his gear.

Old Toys Month starts tomorrow at OAFEnet, so prepare yourself for tons of oldie-but-goody reviews, including some really unexpected things.

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