Soon Forget: The Usual Xevoz Suspects

Look at this awesome lineup showing all the Xevoz figures:

No, really look at it. It shows all the Xevoz figures - including ones we've never seen before!! There was a Series 5 in the works when the line was quietly canceled, and it had clearly gotten far enough into production that there was already control art and names for the characters. Now we miss it even more!

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2 Responses to Soon Forget: The Usual Xevoz Suspects

  1. Shocka says:

    Mech Shell!
    Rocka Huna!
    Net Geist!
    Ursa Khan!
    Glacier Scout!

    I'd kill your families for a chance to own all those! Why do you taunt me with figures they'll never make? MEN!!!

  2. X24 Agthorn says:


    What stone hearted God reach down through the tumult to steal these precious embers from our grasp?


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