Flippin' Through Previews - August '09

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in October.

DC Direct's Blackest Night Series 3 is listed on page 130. It's got Aquaman, Star Sapphire, the Orange Lantern and the first-ever Arisia, which means Hal Jordan will finally get to experience physical release.

There are three new World of Warcraft toys on page 133: a goblin, the dwarf king, and whatever a Forsaken queen is.

Two neat Halo listings this month. First is the Mongoose box set, which will include one ATV and one Spartan. Then we've got Halo Series 6, with four monsters, an ODST figure and a white Recon Spartan. Page 168.

Ray Park is going to be writing a comic for IDW. See page 273 for al the info on GI Joe Movie: Snake-Eyes #1. No word on how many issues the story will be, but it is just a miniseries.

Sad that the Amazon.com-exclusive set of Ghostbusters Minimates meant to tie in with the videogame got cancelled? Sad you didn't know they'd be available at SDCC in time to ask someone to get you a set? Well, they're here to be ordered on page 352.

Good news for Minimates fans! Series 31 and 32 are listed on page 354, and page 355 has a Laboratory Playset with two exclusive mystery Minimates! No word on what the playset is made of, but for $30, it had better be something sturdy.

Old-school Star Trek fans will want to see page 356, which offers a Kirk vs. Gorn two-pack. Heck, buy it for fans of Mythbusters, too, and play along when they show that episode.

There's a new Marvel Select Abomination, done in the same giant size as their previous Hulk figure. Yeah, THAT big. Page 358.

No matter how you think the GI Joe movie will be, there's no denying the toys are good. Get a glimpse at what's upcoming on page 362.

Page 364 has a listing for Avatar toys. That's James Cameron's "crazy space alien" Avatar, not the real Avatar.

Also on 364, you can order NECA's TMNT April O'Neil figure in either green or yellow.

On page 366, there's a new Conan figure, and a Halloween 2 Michael Myers.

Mezco has turned their old Mez-Itz into 6" desiger toys, and page 368 offers Freddy and Jason.

There are more Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic Packs on the way: Hulk/Cyclops, Spidey/Magneto and Iron Man/Spider-Woman.

The Jim Lee Jean Grey is FINALLY getting a toy - even if it's just part of Superhero Squad, that's still good news.

NECA has a second Beetlejuice figure on page page 369, this one in his red tuxedo. There are also Twilight New Moon figures, and for some reason, Boondock Saints. Boondock Saints? Really? How the heck did that happen?

Miss any of the McQuarrie Concept toys? They're all available in two box sets, listed on page 372. Hasbro found a way to rerelease old exclusives? Unthinkable!

Know what's really exciting? NECA's Bioshock figures, on page 376. Big Daddy! Horrifying!

Got $40 to spare? Then you can get one of the imported Resident Evil 5 figures. Lots of articulation and great sculpts. Page 404. There are also Where The Wild Things Are vinyl toys, but they look worse than McFarlane's old ones.

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