Goldberg addendum

In today's review of the WWE Classic Superstars Series 25 Goldberg figure from Jakks Pacific, I admitted I'm a total "mark" for Goldberg. Yes, it's my secret shame. Here, under the pretext of showing you what his entrance was like, is a video of Goldberg vs. the future Big Show (then known simply as The Giant):

(Yeah, I still find that exciting, even years later.)

That's a pretty typical example of a Goldberg match, by the way: he was almost always involved in squashes (heavily one-sided matches), but the fans loved it. Listen to those chants. And honestly, when was the last time you heard an audience explode like that when a wrestler did something? It's huge!

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  1. Jedidiah Kolander says:

    it was hard not to mark out for goldberg... come on, the jackhammer? on the giant? now, he wasn't the 550 then that they quoted, but he was easily four hundred plus... even w/ him helping, GB held him up there for a moment before the slam... come on, that's bat shit crazy. i wasn't cheering at home, but the cheers always got me going. the guy was fun, that super intense, stripped down character at a time when everyone was a gimmick and a preposterous signature move or finisher... it's wqas refreshing to get a guy in the ring who was just about beating ass, rather than a 15 minute self-promotional promo and two supporting vignettes.

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