Dear NECA: make Sesame Street toys

Recently, yo go re and I had the same idea at the same time: that NECA should make Sesame Street toys. For no good reason, here's a bit of our discussion on the subject.

Shocka: We need to get NECA to pick up Palisades Sesame Street line!!1

yo: I was just thinking that the other day...

Shocka: Tell Randy!!

yo: it'll never happen!

Shocka: why not?

yo: the market isn't as flush as it was in 2002, and the Muppets are very niche...

Shocka: I disagree, if only for the fact that Sesame Street toys can be sold at TRU, and not just to collectors..

yo: "can be" doesn't equal "will be." There's no overlap between the kind of Sesame Street toys we want, and the kind of toys parents would buy for Sesame Street's audience...

Shocka: I think there is - kids would want fun, playable, well-sculpted toys of their fav chars as much as we would. I want to push Randy.

Shocka: I honestly think its one of the rare cases where the wants of all audiences could be met, and it could turn a good profit

yo: kids who watch Sesame Street wants things they can put in their mouths and roughly gum until their teeth come in, and their parents want the same...

Shocka: I don't think the target audience of Sesame Street is under-3's.

yo: why not? 8-year-olds would be too big for it...

Shocka: for example, outside of the plush toys most of the current Sesame Street toys contain small parts.

yo: there are current toys?

Shocka: stupid crap - Bert and Ernie in cars, Big Bird in a boat, etc

yo: lame! But still decidedly kiddy...

Shocka: They don't seem to sell.

yo: which isn't doing much to fuel your "the world is hungry for Sesame Street toys" claim...

Shocka: because they're crap! No kid wants Bert driving around in a car.

yo: and no parent wants to buy a big $15 toy will lots of parts that will break...

Shocka: This is indeed a problem - damn Palisades and their good prices and good durability.

yo: Durable for us, yes, but a kid would tear those apart and start eating bits...

Shocka: NECA toys are better than they were, but still not "durable"

yo: and Palisades' stuff wouldn't stand up to children...

Shocka: If they were to make Sesame Street toys, I have some demands - no, wait, scratch that, requirements.

Shocka: first up, they have to run with Palisades core ideas - several series of figures, including important characters and regulars with others. I want Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird just as much as the Yip Yip aliens.

Shocka: Secondly, each figure should have part of the Street, so that all together they make Sesame Street, and all need to come with a letter and a number

Shocka: Thirdly, no humans, at all. Just puppets, all in scale with the Muppets line

Shocka: Fourthly - three words: Snuffy Boxed Set

yo: brilliant! now all we need is some sort of blackmail material on NECA and we'll be set.

So, who's with me? Who wants NECA Muppets?

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