Xevoz customs - part 15

Not quite so long a wait this time, methinks!

The new Aquattax, Ragin' Crunch is named after a "ragin' Cajun"... and Captain Crunch. It's fun how he can be either a crab or a lobster - and his weapons are a mallet and fork! TIME FOR EATING! You probably can't tell, but his Drain Attack piece is a barnacle. Imagine if he'd been made from color-changing plastic and turned red in warm water!

Princess Hood robs from the rich and gives to her grandma! There's a little bit of Princess Peach/Princess Zelda in her design, too. She's also showing her Disney roots, by virtue of having a bluebird that can perch on her hand. She's a very fun design, though Hasbro would probably have been afraid to put pink in a "boys" line.

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