C2E2 - DC Direct Booth

No new reveals at the booth (except maybe for some Starcraft stuff), but still very cool stuff to see, and at least one interesting tidbit.

The fourth figure in Green Lantern Series 5 is Sinestro but they aren't showing him and wont say what outfit he's in because it's "Top Secret," so expect some kind of big change coming up (my money is on him rejoining the GL Corps).

I have not been a big fan of the movie version the Lantern but seeing their prop replica up close, its actually really cool. Plus the movie busts look even better in person.

Unlike what was shown at Toy Fair, the upcoming boxset of the GL: Secret Origin TPB with GL Hal & GL Sinestro includes a repaint of the White Lantern Sinestro, not the previously released GL Sinestro figure. And Hal looks to be the John Stewart body with an all-new head.

In fact all of their stuff looks better in person than in photos. DCD is using colored plastic for flesh tones regularly now, instead of paint. Usually that really pisses me off, but (accepting rising production costs) I'm actually kind of okay with it considering the kind of plastic they use. Its a slightly-translucent plastic with a kind of chalkiness to it, it kind of mimics the look of skin better than the types Mattel, Hasbro, etc. use.

Beyond that, the Ame-Comi line is looking really good. Mera and Raven in particular stand out. If they weren't $70-$90 I'd undoubtedly own a lot of them.

Starcraft II has a new Giger-esque monster woman that looks pretty darn neat, I must say!

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5 Responses to C2E2 - DC Direct Booth

  1. Rich says:

    The Munster toys look awesome! Where o where is the DCDirect Stel picture? DCDirect was my go-to for Arkillo and will be my go-to for Stel as I'ld rather not continue being "matteled". Hurts too much when sitting down.

  2. Rich says:

    Yo, Mattel's versions almost always look better (and are better articulated to boot). I have a huge DCSH and DCUC collection but I'm at the point now after being matteled so hard over the past few year that I'ld rather spend a paltry $15 with DCDirect for a shorter more disgusting tongue necklace Arkillo or shorter and less articulated Stel then fork over $120+ to CnC my way to the same for the Mattel version. If Mattel's smack was showing up at KMart for $12.99 I'ld be on it like bees to honey but it ain't so thank goodness we fans have other current options.

  3. Rustin Parr says:

    I totally agree that the Mattel version looks far better, but Stel isn't 8 feet tall, so I really dont like that the CnC is so big and out of scale. Sadly I must give the win to DCD.

    And besides, Target and TRU have/are/will be raising their DCUC/GLC prices, so basically now DCD and DCUC are 1:1 in cost.

  4. yo go re says:

    He's closer to 8' than he is to human-sized. Being that he's a robot who regularly adds more metal to his body as needed...

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