DST to make Marvel Select Hawkeye - as an exclusive

Diamond Select toys has just announced that they're making a new comic-based Hawkeye for the Marvel Select line. Considering how rare and expensive the Marvel Legends Hawkeye is, this is good news for fans of Clint Barton.

Notice the cute little Wasp sitting on the tip of his arrow? Awww! Now for the bad news: this figure is a Disney Store exclusive. Since most of the Disney Stores that used to be in malls have shut down, finding this figure will be tough. To say nothing of the fact that they'll probably be about $5 more expensive than they should be. And Hawkeye's just the first one. Take a look at what's shown on the back of the box:

Comic-styled versions of Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow? Holy crap, guys! Love those Ultron bases, too.

Look for these starting in August.

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3 Responses to DST to make Marvel Select Hawkeye - as an exclusive

  1. yo go re says:

    Well damn, you can already tell by looking that he won't be able to actually get into a proper archery pose...

  2. Professor says:

    Man, I wish there was a Disney store close to me for these and other Marvel Select figures since I can't find them anywhere else anymore. The closet Disney store to me is seriously 4+ hours away. Wonder if they'll be listed on the Disney store website, Juggy isn't but they do have other Select figures listed.

  3. oisin hunt says:

    holy crap how i've searched for this figure! i live in ireland and i can't find this guy anywhere!!!! and since i'm only 12, i'd have to save up for about 2 years to be able to get this figure online!!!! damn it to hell!

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