Indie Spotlight update

Shocker Toys posted an update about Indie Spotlight Series 2 on their Facebook page:

We would like to apologize to all the fans for the long wait and delays on our end. We are working as hard as we can under the direction of a new corporate structure to get Series2 in full and the summer exclusives to the fans. We have gone through a few bumps such as theft by a crooked agent in Hong Kong named Kent Law to changing of partners and ownership within the company. We are still the collectors at heart that all of you are and will continue to make the best toys and action figures we can for the customizers, kids and collectors out there. We only ask that all that support us continue to do so and we will keep putting out great toys. We here at the new Shocker Toys thank all the fans and collectors for their continued support in these hard and changing times.

It's nice to get a reason for the delay, even if a some of it remains unexplained (new corporate structure? Changing of partners? How about a press release about those things, guys?). This will surely do little more than bring out the whole chorus of people complaining about the company, but it's still nice to get a bit of info for a change.

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One Response to Indie Spotlight update

  1. Friginator says:

    Nice to see them apologizing, but still, according to them it's not their fault? It was some guy named Kent Law in Hong Kong? Sounds like the same old BS to me. Honestly, I really see no reason to be optimistic about Shocker Toys just because of this. Have they set a new deadline? No. Have they explained what this new "change of leadership" means? No.

    Shocker Toys is like one of those posters with the Flying Saucers that says, "I WANT TO BELIEVE." Yeah, sure, I want to, but the damn saucer never shows up.

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