Creepy realistic Ninja Turtles

With the news that Playmates is going to be showing off new TMNT figures at Toy Fair next week, how about getting in the spirit with some cool fan art?

That's from freelance artist Dave Rapoza, which really makes us wonder why this guy is still freelance, and not under contract doing packaging art for some company. Somebody should wrap him up with an exclusive contract, and make their toys look cooler than anyone else's.

Anyway, peruse this TMNT gallery to see all the awesomeness. Which ones are your favorites?

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5 Responses to Creepy realistic Ninja Turtles

  1. DaveyDaken89 says:

    those look awesome, loving baxter and slash... and of course Casey Jones.
    heres hoping the toys follow through on this incredible art!

  2. VECTORFAN says:

    Wow somebody remembered Slash...

    • yo go re says:

      I'm more surprised that someone remembered Wingnut...

      • DaveyDaken89 says:

        yeah, wingnut shocked me too! but i have to ask, is this all one wave, or are we likely to get it as four, one with each turtle and a couple of villians? Either way, i'm probably on board.

  3. BufferUnderrun says:

    Raphael is holding his sai the wrong way.

    This is how you do it properly:

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