Space Stallions

As darkness is covering the multiverse, far away in the galaxy of the Wild Stallion, a spark of hope is born! They are... the SPACE STALLIONS!

Doesn't this look just like the kind of show they would have had back in the '80s? Come on, the cheesy moon base, the costumes, the catchphrase... other than the cell-shaded CGI, that could have been on weekdays right after the Tiger Sharks!

We'd love to watch that as a real show. Give it to Cartoon Network (or [adult swim]), do it as 15-minute episodes and play it entirely straight - not ironically - complete with stupid moral lessons and heavily reused stock animations and it would be, to paraphrase Lisa Simpson, "one of those campy '80s throwbacks that appeals to Generation Xers."

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2 Responses to Space Stallions

  1. Nightboomfer says:

    It's like the Thundercats and the Silverhawks had a baby with My Little Pony in the Cobra Terrordrome

  2. yo go re says:

    May the horse be with you!

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